Response to Robert Wenzel regarding circumscribing Wisonsin’s public unions

Mr. Wenzel, on his website,, has argued that the showdown in Wisconsin is just further manipulation by the power elite. See here and here.

The second linked blog further reinforces the critique leveled against the proponents of “anarcho-capitalism” and Ron Paul/Lew Rockwell libertarianism: ideology and dogmatism. Why must one participate with dependency in this group dynamic? The philosophies of thinkers such as Murray Rothbard and Hans Hoppe are penetrating and revealing, but why must they be worshipped?

The Cato Institute does not need a picture of von Mises on its wall. I would take down the picture of Hayek. The Hero Worship lies at the root of the institution known as the state. The dependency group dynamic looks to the fearless leader–Obama, Reagan, Washington, Lenin, Hitler, Roosevelt, and even Ron Paul–for answers.

Mr. Wenzel: can you not see that it is IDEOLOGY that corrupts? The emotional human creature finds his or circumstances unacceptable and an “ideal” solution is thought up. To implement this idea, the creature seeks a solution provider–a leader. The leader, full of ego from the reverie shown him or her, is corrupted because the emotional human creature is incapable of resisting the lust for THE POWER. The reverie is much the same as the ring in The Lord of the Rings. Once possessed, the soul is possessed.

I suppose I do not qualify as a libertarian, because I worship no man, no woman, no idea, no god. When I was younger, I naively believed that was the heart of the libertarian political philosophy, but now, I realize it is just as dogmatic and rigid as Marxism: if one does not support Ron Paul, no libertarian; if one does not agree with the von Mises Institute on every cockamamie scheme, no libertarian; if one does not have a poster of Rothbard or a t-shirt of Hans Hoppe, no libertarian etc., etc, etc.

Will the truth ever be seen? That it is the leader-led dynamic that creates the dynamic known as the state. Hey anarchists: want to end the state? End it in your hearts first. Give up your ideas–commit ideological anarchy. Because the state is just the manifestation of a state of mind, and as long as anyone, or any group, demands certain beliefs and practices for “membership”, the dependency group dynamic marches on to beat of the STATE. End the cycle of dependency.

So, I would prefer that Ron Paul does not run for president, and I would prefer that he does not win another election. It would be a corrupting event.

To the point of this comment, as well: why is it inappropriate for the state to dispossessed of its assets? Why shouldn’t the government unions be busted up? I can’t think of a reason.

Mr. Wenzel, the cynicism demonstrated by your posts in this matter, and the silence of this situation–the dismantling of public unions (institutions of power)–on, outside of a link to your blog, is palpable. I for one would prefer that the democratic party machine be broken. That would be one less cancer in our hearts.