Comment blocked on The Daily Bell – The Nanny State Can’t Last by Dr. Ron Paul 2:45 AM EDT

The post below was not published on the daily bell:

Comments above highlight the benignity of the welfare state in contrast to the malignancy of the warfare state. While true, this point of view neglects the fact that the Nanny state exists to persuade the citizenry to accept certain political structures, which are utilized to increase the more loathsome aspects of the modern state: violence and confiscation.

The modern state–regardless of whether the underlying political philosophy of that state is fascist, socialist, “capitalist,” or communist–exists to centralize wealth and power. Even a casual study of history reveals this obvious fact. The drivel the state distributes to the pathetic masses is the “30 pieces of silver” given in exchange for the blood and treasure the few exact from the many; the welfare system is the lubricant that greases a corrupted system.

A commentor above, Bill Drake, stated that Dr.Paul lacks the discipline to resist the urge to lecture. His lack of “discipline” in this area is probably the main reason we know of him. We need more elected officials who present the facts instead of the constant mind numbing patronizing statements of politicians. Hey Bill Drake: shit is f*cked up, and the best you can come up with is to criticize the voice in the wilderness as to “preachy.” If someone were to urgently caution you to move out of the path of the tornado, would you find the approach too adamant?

This cynic sees little chance that the institutions and systems that facilitated the current predicaments can somehow lead to their resolutions. Forces greater than the power weilded by men will dictate the disintegration of Babel. The scythe of natural selection awaits organisms that grow out of control. The large, centralized systems–such as central banks, federal and international governments, military-industrial war machines, and global corporations–will all meet the fate of the one who rides the Pale Horse.